Silk Soul

there is definate truth in, when one door closes another opens.

who. is. that. 

sequinedskies said: I hope you feel full and happy again and find peace in small things like tea and sunshine and raindrops and music and films and good food and good books and candles and new cities and old familiar photos xxxxx

thank you! this is really very sweet and im going to literally spend my day doing all these things xxxxxxx


I feel this is the worst I have been. Not the darkest I’ve been, because I don’t feel totally alone as I once did. This is certainly the worst. I’m empty and sad when I’m alone but when people interact with me I am instantly angry. Any person. Even the people I love the most. I am deeply angry at them. It’s the strangest kind of sadness I have ever experienced. I hate being angry at people for no fault of there own. However I truly enjoy it because it means when I’m angry, I am not crying. 

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what I would give to go back to this right now